Voyage to Discover Winners

This service started in January 2010 and moved to in August of the same year.
The raison d’etre of the service is to provide race cards marked up as shown by Che Van der Wheil (VDW) in The Golden Years and other publications.
This remains the primary function of this service.

The race cards shown are dynamic and interactive.
That is they are updated as, for example, non-runners change the make up of the race.
The cards are sortable and with options to drill down to additional levels of detail.

Results are also accessible and presented in the same way as today’s cards and which can provide insights on how to use the cards to best advantage.

AS well as the cards themselves, we have a Forum dedicated to discussing VDW methods, and other items of interest.

Since February 2013 the service moved to a subscriptions only basis.
The main reason for this was to offer additional services which were best not presented to one and all.

Initially this service just covered the top races by penalty values from the day’s meetings.
In August 2012 we started to cover all the day’s racing for Great Britain and Ireland.

Early in February 2013, a FAR rating was added to the race cards.
This is, to some extent, a summary of VDW’s main method, and useful in providing a snapshot balanced view of key factors.
Shortly after, another rating, the JIB rating was introduced which rates races and the runners’ performance.

This service prides itself on being responsive to members’ requests.
And it is the members that have and continue to guide the site’s ongoing development.
Examples of this are extending coverage to all races as mentioned above, loading tomorrow’s cards early, and looking to cover high profile world-wide races.

The latest development is to offer Merit ratings. These are a Split Second style of speed ratings with the aim of supplementing the Ability Ratings for younger horses on the flat.
The Merit ratings support the advice given by VDW in The Golden Years.

Some members have a preference for taking into account the weight carried when rating horses for speed, which the Merit rating by design does not.
Another speed rating which does take into account weights carried will be published soon.

One of the things I, personally, like about the speed rating(s) is that as well as covering the last three outings is that they show the best ever rating and best achieved at the course, at the distance, carrying the same as today’s weight or more and on today’s going.

    Some future developments, under consideration are:

  • providing a tool to present historic races, for example, the later races discussed by VDW and those of prominent and regarded practioners, in the same style and with the same detail as today’s races;
  • continuing to extend race coverage internationally;
  • providing a VDW based class rating.

For newcomers to the service, whether knowledgeable in VDW methods or not, we would like to offer a warm welcome.
Information on how the cards are marked up and a guide on how to use them interactively can be found here and on the Forum.

If you would like an invitation to join this subscription service just email support for a free trial of what we currently offer.
Current being the operative word, as we continue to develop the service to provide members with what they want and need on the Voyage to Discovering Winners.


April 2013

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