How to use the Cards

This article explains one method of working with the VDW 5 Star cards. It also shows you how to use the cards interactively to sort and select.

For the purposes of this aticle we will use the 19:45 Ffos Las which ran yesterday (3rd August 2010). If you are reading this today, you can follow along. Click “Yesterday’s results”. And then click twice in the column header (green bar) for penalty.

The first click sorts the table by the selected column in ascending order. And the second click sorts in descending order. So click twice to see the races in penalty value order.

Races 3rd August 2010We can see that 19:45 is fourth by penalty value and the top value race at Ffos Las yesterday. It also has a reasonable field of 8 runners.

Click the race link (the race name) to go to that race.

19:45 Ffos LasAs we are looking at yesterday’s race we can see the placed results.

Finding a winner before the race is run is not that easy! But you can check on the Forum the selection I made before the race was run.

My preferred way of working is only one way of using the cards. And I encourage you to find a method that works for you.

I start by sorting on the 3rd Star (a cross-check indicating both form and ability). Click above the column we want to sort, in the green bar. Twice, so that the 3rd Stars are topmost. Having done that I use the checkbox to select these runners.

19:45  	Ffos Las I now look to add to my shortlist any other runners showing both form (1st or 2nd Stars) and ability (4th or 5th Stars). In this race, none. I also add in any other runners which catch my eye. In this case Marblehead which won last time out, has top form and is not far out of the top 4 ability ranking.

I now have 4 runners checked and I click twice in the checkbox colum header to sort my shortlist.

19:45  	Ffos Las I now want to sort my shortlist by ability in descending order but keep the previous sort intact. To do that I hold the “Shift” down while I click twice in the ability column header.

19:45  	Ffos Las I now use the LTO button to bring up details of the runners last 3 races, most recent topmost. These show race class in VDW terms and distance. More information is available by hovering the mouse over these fields. If you want to compare track types, move your mouse over the race meeting, top left, to see details too.

Having made my shortlist, I am now confirming or rejecting, runners on the basis of whether they fit the bill in terms of this race. For myself distance is a prime criteria.

And on that basis I de-select Whataboutya and uncheck the checkbox. I will forgive Ballycarney’s poor result last time out. But Marblehead’s last two outings have been in novice hurdles and before that was pulled up in a chase. Enough for me to eliminate from my shortlist.

Sorting again on the checkbox column and then within that grouping (by holding “Shift” down) by ability.

19:45 Ffos LasOn the basis of its ability and how it ran in the closing stages of its last race, I selected Sea Wall as the class/form horse. I did not consider any other runner to pose a significant threat and was happy to make this a bet.

This just outlines a method I use.

It also demonstrates how you can use the interactive cards and, I hope, the power of VDW methods. (More on these later.)

If you have any comments or questions on any of this, please use the Forum.


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